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Rising Tempest (2012), p134-135 — Ghulroth the Slaverer

This rare daemonic creature is favoured by Papa Nurgle, and its ways are as foul as the foetid stench that constantly surrounds it.

Ghulroth the Slaverer Profile

Movement: 7/14/21/42

Wounds: 65

Armour: None (All 5).

Skills: Awareness (Per) +10.

Talents: Berserk Charge, Fearless, Iron Jaw, Swift Attack.

Traits: Bestial, Brutal Charge, Daemonic (2), Disgusting Stench†, Fear (4), Improved Natural Weapons (Filth-crusted claws), Infected Wounds††, Natural Armour (5), Quadruped, Regeneration, Size (Enormous), Stampede, Sturdy, Toxic, Unnatural Strength (x2), Warp Instability.

Weapons: Fists (1d10+14 I; Pen 7; Tearing, Toxic).

†Disgusting Stench: Ghulroth's smell is so terrible as to be an almost palpable, physical entity that follows the horrible beast wherever it goes. Nothing aside from its pungent odour can be smelled or tasted when it is near, and the stench even affects vision, making eyes water and sting and imposing a -20 penalty on all Perception Tests using sight. A successful Hard (-20) Toughness Test when wearing a respirator will remove the penalties on sight-based Perception Tests. However, the stench is so powerful that respirators do not allow failed Toughness Tests to be rerolled against it. In addition, anyone within 10 metres of Ghulroth suffers a -20 to his Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill. This penalty can be negated in the same manner as described above.

It is important to note that Battle-Brothers in their power armour are immune to the effects of the Harbinger's stench, although even they can smell a whiff of it through their Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer. Despite their implants and amazing fortitude however, Battle-Brothers who go into battle without their helmets are affected by Ghulroth's stench along with any security forces that the Kill-team may have in company.

††Infected Wounds: Any injuries inflicted by Ghulroth, whether by blade or teeth, become immediately infected. These wounds take twice as long as normal to heal naturally, and a Battle-Brother with an infected wound suffers 1d5 Toughness Damage per day until the wounds are healed. Healing infected wounds requires a Very Hard (-30) Medicae Test and access to a well-stocked medicae facility.