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Rising Tempest (2012), p134 — Plaguebearer

These vile daemons of Nurgle cleave through enemies with their rusted blades, leaving plague and death in their wake.

Plaguebearer Profile

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Wounds: 30

Armour: Plated Hide Butcher's Apron (4 Body, 4 Legs).

Skills: Awareness (Per), Psyniscience (Per).

Talents: Blademaster, Counter Attack, Crushing Blow, Precise Blow, Sure Strike, Swift Attack.

Traits: Daemonic (2), Dark Sight, Fear (3), From Beyond, Improved Natural Weapons (Teeth), Infected Wounds†, Vomit††, Toxic, Unnatural Strength (x2), Warp Instability.

Weapons: Teeth (1d10+10 R; Tearing, Toxic), Plague Sword (1d10+12 R; Balanced, Tearing, Toxic)

†Infected Wounds: Any injuries inflicted by a Plaguebearer, whether by blade or teeth, become immediately infected. These wounds take twice as long as normal to heal naturally, and a Battle-Brother with an infected wound suffers 1d5 Toughness Damage per day until the wounds are healed. Healing Plaguebearer infected wounds requires a Very Hard (-30) Medicae Test and access to a well-stocked medicae facility.

††Vomit: As a Half Action, a Plaguebearer can vomit a thick, stinking, caustic ichor on any adjacent target with a successful Ballistic Skill Test. The vomit deals 1d10+10 points of Energy Damage.