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Space Marine (1st ed, 1989), p18-19

On the white sand of the Tevlarc Plain, the Loyalist forces gathered to smother the flame of heresy. Wave after wave of Marines crashed against their foes. The result was always the same: a boiling storm of plasma fire and a mountain of bodies.

The opposing forces were equal in firepower, skill and fervour. But each was uncomprehending of the other's loyalties. A few weeks ago they would have called each other brother; now the differences between them made them mortal enemies.

The Titans of both sides strode above the battlefield, their banners held taut by a wind that carried the stench of a thousand deaths. The Warp Runners confronted the Deaths Heads, pausing in their advance only to level their weapons and fire.

The air was split by the swelling boom of auto cannon. A Traitor Titan reeled backwards from the impact, its splintered carapace showering down onto the Marines below. Its brother Titans readied their multi-launchers and prepared for revenge.