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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p153 — Blight Drone of Nurgle — Points: 125

Blight Drone2121110

Unit Composition:

Unit Type:



Special Rules

Explosion of Pus

When a Blight Drone is destroyed, it invariably detonates in a shower of bile and pus. Treat all Destroyed - Wrecked results on the Vehicle Damage table as Destroyed - Explodes results instead.

– VomitTemplate64Assault 1
– Phlegm36"83Assault 1, 5" Blast
Reaper Autocannon36"74Heavy 2, twin-linked

Fast Attack: A squadron of Blight Drones is a Fast Attack choice for a Chaos Daemons army or a Chaos Space Marine army that includes at least one unit of Plague Marines.