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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p170-171 — Mamon: Arch-Corruptor of Vraks

When Mamon first became corrupted by the powers of Chaos is not known, but it seems likely that he was already a secret agent of Chaos long before he found favour within Cardinal Xaphan's organisation. As a Deacon on Thracian Primaris he managed to infiltrate into the hierarchy of the Ministorum, and when Cardinal Xaphan arrived, the Deacno worked his way into the Cardinal's favour. It was Deacon Mamon who first sowed the seeds of corruption and turned the inexperienced Cardinal's religious ambitions against the Imperium - fuelling his desire to launch a War of Faith and raising the Cardinal's paranoia against agents of the Inquisition spying upon him. It was the Deacon that recommended the Cardinal move to Vraks, from where he could best plan his war.

After his arrival on Vraks Deacon Mamon was instrumental in all that Cardinal Xaphan did, and it was he that first brought the Alpha Legion warband of Arkos the Faithless to the planet. This has been taken as evidence that the Deacon was already an Alpha Legion sleeper agent, and that Vraks was his (and Arkos') target all along. Mamon also organised and equipped Xaphan's personal guard of Disciples, no doubt always acting under the orders of his true master - Arkos.

Mamon was the principal agent provocateur behind the Vraks uprising, and as the Vraksian war progressed, he became ever deeper involved with the heretical daemonic worship cults, driven by a need for the support that they offered. But despite this, the war turned against him and Arkos, until the World Eater champion Zhufor the Impaler led a bloody coup against Xaphan's regime. Xaphan was deposed, Arkos ousted and Mamon, hunted by Zhufor's bodyguard, was lucky to escape with his life.

Driven by desperation Mamon sought refuge from Zhufor's vengeance by siding with the Nurgle warband of the Tainted. In doing so he offered himself to Nurgle. The Plague Lord was delighted. In return for his efforts in creating a world to entertain Nurgle, full of infection, death and biological weapons, he was granted the rank of Daemon Prince and was soon possessed by the potent spirit of a Great Unclean One. Mamon's new task was to turn Vraks into a Plague world.

Once a brilliant and cunning spy, Mamon was soon transformed into a great corpulent Daemon Prince and unleashed upon Vraks. Once, he had been the Disciples of Xaphan's supreme commander; now, in his new form, the survivors worshipped him as their messiah, the bringer of destruction to their enemies, the arch-corruptor of Vraks. In his new horribly bloated form, Mamon fought alongside the Tainted until the end of the war. Since then his whereabouts or fate are unknown.

Daemon Prince - Mamon — Points: 185




Daemonic Gifts:


Special Rules

Daemon: Mamon is a Daemon. All the special rules for Daemons apply.

Feel No Pain

Slow and Purposeful

Contagion Spray: Nurgle has decreed that Mamon must infect as much of Vraks as he can. To this end he carries the Contagion spray, pouring forth a stream of foulness from a large tank upon his back.

Template13Heavy 1, Poisoned (2+)

HQ: Mamon is a HQ choice for a Chaos Daemons army.