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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p166-167 — Scabeiathrax the Bloated: Papa G'aap, Lord of the Blighted Pit, Maggotspore, the Wind of Nurgle

Amongst the most favoured of Nurgle's daemons is the ancient and terrible Great Unclean One named Scabeiathrax in the Ordo Malleus' Grimoire of True Names. He is a great bloated sack of contagion and disease, the size of a house. Down the millennia, Scabeiathrax has also been known as Papa G'aap, the Lord of the Blighted Pit and Maggotspore, whilst the Eldar call him the Wind of Nurgle. His home is the Blighted Pit, one of Nurgle's great spawning pits, hidden upon a plague planet deep within the Eye of Terror. From within the pit everything from fat flies to Plaguebearers are spawned and released to plague the universe.

From his home in the Warp, Scabeiathrax can only be summoned forth by Nurgle's most dedicated followers. He appears briefly to spread disease and decay amongst Nurgle's enemies before returning to wallow in the lovely filth of the Blighted Pit, where he sits and plays with his little Nurgling creations. Mercifully, Scabeiathrax has not been encountered since the Contagion of Virlath over 900 years ago, that is until the Vraks incursion.

When appearing in the corporeal universe Scabeiathrax is a horrible sight. Lumbering along, merrily whistling and humming to himself, surrounded by clouds of large black flies, with Nurglings clambering over his skin and scampering at his feet as they fight for a choice morsel of dead flesh or a juicy pus-filled boil.

Wherever Scabeiathrax treads vegetation turns black and rots away to slime, ferrocrete cracks and crumbles into dust and pools of toxic goo lie in the wake of his passing. He carries the Blade of Decay, a massive, crude rusting cleaver imbued with the power to rapidly age and decay all that it touches. Those hit by the Blade of Decay find their armour rusting away and their wounds instantly becoming infected, quickly rotting away the flesh.

On Vraks Scabeiathrax was summoned by the Traitor legions along with his many followers from the Blighted Pit, including Plaguebearers, swarms of Nurglings, Nurgle beasts and all manner of other foul Chaos Spawn and Daemon Engines. Once freed they scattered across the surface, seeking to spread their infection and turn Vraks into a new plague world for their god.

Scabeiathrax himself was stopped by the Grey Knights hero, Brother Captain Stern, but only after he had reduced Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Vokes to a puddle of slime with the Blade of Decay. The loss of their Greater Daemon did not stop the Nurgle daemons from rampaging scross Vraks, seemingly at random, causing havoc wherever they went.

Daemon Lord - Scabeiathrax — Points: 777

Great Unclean One Lord9389103510-/4+



Weapons and Equipment:

Special Rules

HQ: Scabeiathrax is a HQ choice for a Chaos Daemons army of 2,000 pts or more. The army must include at least one unit of Plague Bearers to include Scabeiathrax.

Fearsome: The Great Unclean One is terrifying, disgusting and very stinky! If an enemy unit has to take a morale check after losing a close combat with him, they do so at -2 Leadership.

Living Icon: Such is the power of Scabeiathrax that he counts as an Icon of Nurgle, so Lesser Daemons can be summoned adjacent to him.

Nurgling Infestation: Scabeiathrax is infested with Nurglings, in fact they grow within him and burst through spores in his skin to feast upon his rotten flesh and oozing pus. Whilst in close combat the Nurglings will swarm over Scabeiathrax's enemies. He gains an extra D6+3 attacks at Strength 3 and Initiative 3 against enemies in close combat.

Blade of Decay: Forged in the Blighted Pit using Nurgle's most potent disease, every wound caused by the Blade of Decay is doubled, so if the Great Unclean One causes 1 wound then this becomes 2, if he caused 2 wounds this becomes 4, etc. Note, this only affects creatures with wounds.

Master of Sorcery: Scabeiathrax is a sorcerer and has the following psychic powers: Doombolt and Nurgle's Rot.

Aura of Decay: Scabeiathrax is constantly surrounded by an aura of corruption, clouds of flies, disease and filth. Any enemy model in base contact with Scabeiathrax has his attacks reduced by -1 (to a minimum of 1).

Toxic Discharge: Scabeiathrax may spew forth a stream of stinking filth over his enemies. He may attack in the Shooting phase as a normal shooting attack.

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