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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p175 — Renegades and Heretics: Servants of Decay

Renegades and Heretics

As the Siege of Vraks escalates and the merciless war of attrition grinds on with no end in sight, the malign influence of the Chaos gods on the Vraksian renegades grows. Daily exposure to the horrors of the Vraksian battlefields takes its toll on the psyche and morale of the defenders. Even those who were once reluctant soldiers, forced to fight, begin to accept their fate - that with an implacable enemy arrayed against them their only hope is in ultimate victory. To secure that victory they turn to the only aid they can - that offered by the Chaos gods.

Trapped in a seemingly never-ending war, many renegades are led by their preachers to worship Nurgle, with offers of greater rewards for the daily slaughter. The Lord of Decay demands little, except that you place your flesh under his control. Nurgle loves the decay of flesh above all else, and is free with his blessings of virulent diseases that bloat the body and infect the brain.

The renegades that dedicate themselves completely to Nurgle's cause are in turn reinforced by other oath-sworn followers of the Lord of Decay. Led by Exalted Champions of Nurgle and with the aid of his favoured Plague Marines from the many Nurgle-worshipping Chaos Space Marine warbands, they surge into battle, seeking more victims to infect...

Why collect a Renegades Army?

This army list is for a Renegades and Heretics army where the influence of Chaos has grown stronger. After years of warfare, many renegades will have been unhinged by the bloody battles and constant artillery barrages. Driven by desperation or by despair, they have (in many cases unwittingly) embraced the worship of Nurgle, for decay is inevitable and only Nurgle can offer protection against the entrophy of the universe.

This list allows you to theme a Renegades and Heretics army to the worship of a single Chaos god and include the appropriate troop types for that god. This is a Renegade and Heretic force that has fallen deeper into Chaos worship than that represented in Imperial Armour volume 5. Hence the inclusion of a few new troop types and the modification of a few of the existing ones. As yet this force has not fallen so deeply into the worship of Chaos as to be summoning daemons or the Chaos god's Daemon Engines. Nurgle provides aid in the form of his favoured Chaos Space Marines. One change is the inclusion of an Exalted Champion of Chaos to lead the renegades. This is a champion who has already proved himself to Nurgle but as yet lacks the followers to become a full Chaos Lord. Still, to these mortal followers he would appear a powerful and frightening individual, who commands by awe and fear.

The army offers a broad selection of troop types, from the heavy firepower of captured Imperial Guard tanks and artillery to the tough and versatile Plague Marines. Despite the changes, this is still in essence a variant of the Imperial Guard army list.

Renegade and Heretic models

For most of the units in this army list, the models remain unchanged from the Renegade and Heretics list in IA5 and the worship of Nurgle can be reflected as a painting solution, with a predominance of green and brown clothing and rusting armour, along with Nurgle icons. Added to the Renegade and Heretic models will be Chaos Space Marines from the main range - Nurgle's Champions and Plague Marines. Armoured vehicles will mostly be Imperial Guard vehicles with the Imperial insignia removed and Nurgle equivalents added. We have provided many examples of Nurgle colour schemes throughout this book for you to use or as inspiration for your own colour schemes. The mutant rabble can be represented by various models. As a rabble they would have no standard issue equipment and models from the Necromunda range such as Scavvies, Redemptionists and House Cawdor all make good 'scum'. Also, the plastic Orks sprue can provide legs, bodies and arms for mutants, used in conjunction with the mutant parts from the Chaos plastic sprues. Again, turning them into Nurgle worshippers is a simple case of using an appropriate colour scheme. Plastic Zombies are available from the Warhammer range for the Plague Zombie hordes.