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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p209 — The Purge

Points: 150 + Models

Even among those mortals who serve the Ruinous Powers, the name of the Purge is spoken of in dread whispers. A Chaos Space Marine faction of uncertain origins, for more than three millennia this numerous warband, ever growing in number, has brought death and catastrophe to dozens of worlds, and in their wake poison, famine and pestilence follow. This bleak company is known to be waging an avowed genocidal war against all life, and whether their target is human or xenos they care not so long as they are destroyed. In battle a Purge warband advances with steady, implacable hatred, systematically exterminating anything caught in their path. Caring little for any pretensions of martial glory, they favour the use of poison gas, deadly toxins and other indiscriminate weapons to decimate their foes.


1 Chaos Lord
1+ Plague Marine Squads
0+ Chaos Terminator Squads
0+ Chaos Space Marine Squads

The Purge may only contain models and squads with the Mark of Nurgle.

Special Rules:

Extermination Force: All Squads in the Purge formation must be deployed within 18" of the Chaos Lord and may not Deep Strike, or if coming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 18" of the point entered by the Chaos Lord. Squads in the Purge formation may also purchase normal unit transports as per their entry in Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Purge are infamous for their use of biological weapons, poison gas and other fiendish devices of death. The following rules appy to the Purge formation:

Chem-burnersTemplate-5Assault 1, Poison (3+), Pinning