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Imperial Armour 7: The Siege of Vraks, part 3 (2009), p85 — The Priory of the Argent Shroud

As the Angels of Absolution were fighting for the Basilica of St Leonis and the Red Scorpions were clearing the Cardinal's Palace, Lord Hector Rex led his Storm Troopers and the Grey Knights into the Priory of the Argent Shroud. A squat, solid fortress in its own right, it had once been a base for the Sisters of the Argent Shroud, and the Inquisitor's mission was now to clear the priory and if possible find evidence of the missing Sisters. It was here that the Inquisitor Lord found Xaphan, the Apostate Cardinal, cowering - the man in whose name so many had fought and died. The man who had, by his misplaced ambition and twisted faith, set in motion the series of events that had led to a daemonic incursion on Vraks. The man who had proclaimed himself the messiah of the apocalypse. He was a man no longer.

The was as good as lost, Zhufor had departed but not before he's had his final vengeance upon the Cardinal. Zhufor despised Xaphan as a weak mortal and so he had personally dragged the Cardinal from his wretched dungeon and left him to the Sorcerers of Nurgle. They in turn had visited a terrible end upon the Cardinal. Screaming in terror, Xaphan had been offered to their god and for Nurgle's pleasure he had become spawn - a giant mass of tentacles and claws, drooling and jabbering nonsense. Insane, the last of his reason and self-will torn away, the Cardinal was now an idiot-creature. Such was the fate of those that strayed too far from the Emperor's light. The Grey Knights now unleashed that purifying light to purge the spawn from the galaxy forever. Thrashing and wailing, the spawn that had once been Cardinal Xaphan was blasted apart by lightning cast from their nemesis force weapons.