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Imperial Armour: The Siege of Vraks (2015), p62 — The Big Push

Within the Citadel, the commanders of the Traitor army felt the cold, harsh reality of possible defeat settle upon them as the Krieg regiments closed in on their stronghold, but the Apostate Cardinal no longer cared. The apocalypse was here, the slaughter of the Imperium's enemies must continue - he cared not for victory or defeat, only for the death and destruction of those who opposed him and Mankind. Long gone were his dreams to cast out into the galaxy and kill the heretic and burn the traitor. Deacon Mamon had seen to that over the years as bloody war raged outside the walls of his sanctuary, twisting Xaphan's mind until he too believed the lies that had told the men and women of Vraks. As far as Xaphan was concerned, the Imperium was rotten to the core with traitors, traitors who now sought to destroy him and the world he held guardianship over. But he would see their deaths come to pass first.