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Enemies of the Imperium (2013), p121 — The Mark of Nurgle

Nurgle is the Lord of Decay, the grandfather who embodies corruption and decay in all forms. Those Marked by Nurgle become bloated with corruption, their flesh deadened to pain and fatigue. As the recipient's flesh rots, he gestates within his body the sacred plagues of his patron, eager to share such "blessings" with all he encounters. Unlike Khorne, Nurgle is often very willing to respond to pleas from those who suffer from weakness or poverty. These pathetic cries for aid are sweet music to Nurgle, a joyful chorus welcoming his touch. Nurgle is pleased to grant life to those on death's door, eternally amused by the nature of his assistance - those who accept it become damned for eternity, endlessly serving to incubate virulent strains of noxious sickness.

Effects: Bearers of the Mark of Nurgle increase their Wounds by 1d10 and gain the Stuff of Nightmares and Unnatural Toughness (4) Traits. If a recipient already possesses the Unnatural Toughness Trait, increase the value of this Trait by 2 instead.

GM Advice: Using the Worshippers of Nurgle

Dour and fatalistic, worshippers of Nurgle cling to life by any means, even as they choke out all life around them.


Nurgle's champions trudge forward with inevitable purpose, favouring neither ambush nor reaction. They rarely employ stealth in their approach, allowing their enemies to see the futility of their struggles as they lumber forward in plain sight.

Combat Tactics

Worshippers of Nurgle rely on their resilience to carry them through, knowing that their mere presence corrupts and destroys all life around them. They butcher their foes at range as they slowly approach and then with deadly, plagued weapons once within melee range, feeling neither pleasure or anguish, seeing only the inevitability that their enemies struggle in vain to reject.