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Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant (2018), p33 — The Vigilus Senate

The reorganisation of the Imperial war machine was by no means confined to its commanders. In order to keep the new Senate focused on the wider war, Calgar gathered an elite band of Ultramarines chosen from across the battle companies at his disposal, their duty to bar the path of any who would try for a decapitating strike upon Imperial High Command. This force Calgar called the Extremis Guard, led by Lieutenant Eothrus - a rising hero who had proven himself in the long and baleful wars against Mortarion's Death Guard.

Eothrus was one of the finest minds in the 2nd Company, and had a statesman's wisdom that echoed that of the Primarch himself. The appointment proved wise; within days of the Extremis Guard's formation, they engaged, stalled and ultimately saw off an Aeldari attack that could have crippled the entire Vigilus command structure.