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Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant (2018), p124 — Third Phase of the War of Beasts

Round 3

14.010 Post: The Infection Spreads

The Iron Hands struggle to secure their Dontoria quarantine and their heavy-handed enforcement causes the populace to panic and break out. As the plague spreads to Megaborealis and Mortwald, the Death Guard launch an ambush against the Iron Hands, with reports of daemonic entities accompanying them.

Special Rules

In this campaign round the following special rules apply:


Deadly Contagion: At the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins, each player rolls a D6 for each of their Infantry units that is on the battlefield. On a 1, subtract 1 from that unit's Toughness characteristic. Nurgle units are not affected.