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Index: Chaos (2017), p7 — Ancient Evil

Four of the original Traitor Legions were singled out by the Chaos Gods to become their ultimate mortal avatars. Khorne, the Blood God, chose Angron's furious World Eaters to do his will, while Mortarion and his Death Guard were claimed by the Plague God Nurgle. Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, marked the obsessive Emperor's Children as his, while the Thousand Sons were manipulated into becoming the puppets - and puppetmasters - of Tzeentch. Yet there were other Traitor Legions who retained, to one degree or another, their autonomy and identity, degenerating into twisted parodies of their former glory as the millennia slid by. The Night Lords, terror troops and assault specialists without equal; the Word Bearers, dark heralds of the daemonic and the diabolical; the Iron Warriors, embittered masters of siegecraft; the Alpha Legion, infiltrators, manipulators and agents of mayhem; the Black Legion, first amongst traitors, reborn Legion of Horus himself, now ruled by his greatest gene-son, Abaddon the Despoiler. Amongst the Heretic Astartes, these primogenitors form a sort of twisted elite, and whether fighting as dedicated forces or augmenting the ranks of Renegade warbands they are feared and hated by all.

III - Emperor's ChildrenFulgrim[Chemos]
IV - Iron WarriorsPerturabo[Olympia]
VIII - Night LordsKonrad Curze[Nostramo]
XII - World EatersAngronNo Record
XIV - Death GuardMortarion[Barbarus]
XV - Thousand SonsMagnus the Red[Prospero]
XVI - Luna WolvesHorus[Cthonia]
XVII - Word BearersLorgar[Colchis]
XX - Alpha LegionAlphariusNo Record