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Codex: Elucidian Starstriders (2018), p16 — Sanistasia Minst

Sanistasia Minst was once the pre-eminent Rejuvenat Adept in the Talassar Sector. Tragically, her meteoric rise to power was reversed just as she had begun to make a name for herself. After successfully treating the skin-rot of the Dothar aristocracy, and ensuring the ravages of the disease were erased, Minst began to have waking dreams of a maiden trapped in a cage and forced to suffer eternally by contracting - and then overcoming - a potent new disease every day. She became obsessed with the idea of a panacea, a cure-all that could heal even a god.

It was this fixation that saw Sanistasia begin to neglect her duties of rejuvenation. When the High Priestess Curtley Dothar began to show signs of her one-hundred-and-eighty year lifespan, Sanistasia was forced to flee. She took up with Elucia Vhane, leaving the Ultramar System on the New Dawn in the hope of beginning afresh. It worked, for a while, until the vessel plied the depths of the warp. There something spoke to Sanistasia, promising her an innate understanding of all diseases and the cures that could banish them. All she had to do was to sabotage a certain panel of a certain warp drive, and the knowledge would be hers...