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Codex: Gellerpox Infected (2018), p12 — Daemons of Nurgle

There is no sight more disturbing than that of the pox-ridden Daemons of Nurgle. When they tear out of the warp to invade realspace, they seek to spread the myriad blights that their own foul bodies writhe and bloat with, or else cultivate entirely new strains of disease with which to decimate entire worlds.

These beings take many forms, but all are putrid and terrifying, for they are plague made manifest. Some are small, bounding creatures - such as Nurglings or Glitchlings - while the rank and file of Nurgle's legions - the Plague Bearers - are roughly man-sized. There are tentacled slime-creatures and mutated, fly-like Daemons of prodigious size. The largest of all are the Greater Daemons, those abominable Great Unclean Ones who lead the Plague Legions. They all consider their diseases to be a gift to mortals from Grandfather Nurgle, and the last gasps of their victims are interpreted as thankful praise.