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Codex: Gellerpox Infected (2018), p10 — Nurgle

Lord of Entropy and Disease, joyous Bringer of Plague, Nurgle is one of the four Gods of Chaos. His is the cycle, from fecundity to morbidity and then beginning all over with rebirth. He is the creator of the worst contagions to sweep the galaxy, but he is not a morose or grim god, but rather a jolly one, affectionately known by many of his followers as Grandfather or Papa Nurgle. Indeed, he dotes over his favoured like an indulgent father, yet his wrath is terrible when roused.

It is Nurgle's wish to spread his horrific diseases, and in doing so extend his domain both in the Realm of Chaos and in realspace. To this end he is constantly creating new contaminations, as well as directing his Plague Legions to deliver his foetid gifts. The Lord of Disease delights in corrupting mortals, and the Gellerpox Virus is but one of the latest of many such creations. Ultimately, Nurgle longs to emerge victorious in the Great Game between himself and the other Chaos Gods, and his own standing amongst the Ruinous Power waxes and wanes as his diseases blossom and run their course in realspace.