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Codex: Gellerpox Infected (2018), p8 — Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed

Amstein Vulg was once a strapping engine-master in comand of the engine decks of the starship New Dawn, but the Gellerpox virus changed all that. Now he is a Twisted Lord, better known as Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed or simply 'Old Boilerguts'.

While the corrupted Geller field generator bestowed many darksome gifts upon the engine crew, none were granted more than Vulg. The engine-master swelled massively in size, his new form supported by bulging muscles and a dark, pulsating vitality. In a disturbing ceremony, the writhing bodies of his two first mates became absorbed within his own flesh, and thus did Vulg become the three-headed Vulgrar. Horrific to look upon, the Twisted Lord sprouted new limbs and developed an ability to skin-graft weapons into his body, merging man and machine with gruesome results.

Not all the crew of the New Dawn accepted their gifts willingly. In combat against such non-believers, Vulgrar proved more than a match for even the most veteran amongst them, his multiple weapon-tipped limbs pummelling and ripping apart any who dared oppose him. Yet Vulgrar saved his most dangerous weapon until he was confronted by two dozen Voidsmen-at-Arms. Shrugging off lasgun fire, the Twisted Lord exposed his distended gut to reveal a raging fire burning within. His belly had become a disease-furnace that was stoked by hatred. With a grunt, Vulgrar issued forth a gout of corrupting fire, an unnatural inferno that engulfed his enemies. None survived, and their blackened bones now help fuel the flickering flames that still burn within the Twisted Lord.

Vulgrar is a boisterous leader, looking after not only those mutants beneath him, but also the infected Geller field generator that gifted him with his new abilities. It was he who first succumbed to its call, and who gathered others of the crew to perform debased rituals. Those that dissented from this new path were quickly shown the error of their ways. At first the Infected had been like a carbuncle on the underbelly of their host culture, but eventually it was they who ruled the ship. In all his zealous actions to grow his beloved cult, Vulgrar still shows elements of his old engine-master self - cooing over well-made mechanisms and expressing appreciation for the solid craftsmanship of the machines and mutations that surround him.