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The Empire in Flames (2004), p65 — Nurgle Rituals

The Carnival Master uses the rituals of Nurgle to pervert and corrupt nature, inflicting hideous diseases for which there are no known cures. Roll a D6.

1Daemonic Vigour: The Master imbues his Daemonic minions with supernatural power.

Any Plague Bearers or Nurglings within 8" of the Master increase their Daemonic Aura save from 5+ to 4+ until the beginning of their next turn.

2Buboes: The Master bestows the gift of pus-filled buboes upon his enemies.

This spell has a range of 8" and affects a single enemy warrior. The warrior must pass a Toughness test or lose a Wound. No Armour saves are allowed.

3Stench of Nurgle: The Master spews forth a foul, stinking mist that chokes his foes.

This spell has a range of 6" and affects all living creatures - friend or foe. Each enemy warrior in range must pass a Toughness test or lose an Attack until their next turn.

4Pestilence: The Master inflicts horrible diseases upon the unbelievers.

All enemy models within 12" of the Master suffer a Strength 3 hit. No Armour saves are allowed.

5Scabrous Hide: The Master's skin becomes tough and leathery like that of his patron god.

The Master has an armour save of 2+ which replaces any normal Armour save. The Scabrous Hide lasts until the beginning of his next Shooting phase.

6Nurgle's Rot: The Master bestows the blessing of the Plague God upon his foe.

All enemy models in base contact with the Master must immediately test against their Toughness or contract Nurgle's Rot (see Nurgle's Rot opposite).