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The Plague Brethren (2017), p4 — The Death Guard

Of all the armies that seek to conquer the stars in the 41st Millennium, the Death Guard are truly the foulest and most corrupt. Made monstrous by their patron god Nurgle - lord of plagues and grandfather of disease - they are decay and entropy made manifest, living icons of hopelessness and despair.

Once noble Space Marines loyal to the Emperor of Mankind, the Death Guard fell to the predations of Chaos, driven by their own wretchedness into the arms of the Lord of Decay, where they festered like a sickness. They became bloated with Nurgle's rot, their once-glorious armour and gene-enhanced bodies melding together into a hideous parody of the Adeptus Astartes. Ceramite became pitted and weapons rusted, flesh sloughed from bones and hideous mutations were rife. For 10,000 years the Death Guard have endured this living hell of their own making, a canker in the warp that is a constant and terrifying blight on the Imperium of Man.