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The Plague Brethren (2017), p6-8 — Designer's Notes

Maxime Pastourel has been a member of the Citadel miniatures design team for five years and in that time he has worked on countless models, from the Ork Mek Gun to the Skaven Blood Bowl team. Most recently, he has worked on the Death Guard, producing concept sketches and mock-up models for many of the miniatures in the range. He then went on to sculpt Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard Legion, and the three models in this set.

"The Death Guard have been a staple part of the background of Warhammer 40,000 for many years," says Maxime, "So there was a degree of responsibility when it came to this project, making sure that whatever we came up with was respectful to the imagery we'd established for them over 25 years.

The most important elements for me when it came to conceptualising the miniatures were to reintroduce some of the Death Guard imagery that was present in the art and the miniatures from the 90's, while adding in some of the Legion's background that had never made it onto the kits.

Jes Goodwin's original Death Guard model from 1991 hit so many of the right notes - the smashed Mk. III helmet, bloated stomach, gloved gauntlets, slouched pose, cloven feet and ancient armour - they all work together to build up the recognisable form of a Plague Marine. John Blanche's concept illustrations were also hugely inspirational - he captures the essence of a race so well, establishing elements and ideas - such as the sprouting horns - that will look great on our models.

These three models - the Blight Stalker, Dipteron and Corpulux - are important to me because they epitomise the Death Guard and their tragic fall to Chaos, combining many of the elements I mentioned above on just three miniatures."