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Plague Fleet (1993), p9 — Nurgle Fleet

A Nurgle Fleet may consist of the following:

Men O' War: 1+
At least one Nurgle Plagueship.
Cost: 150 points per Nurgle Plagueship.
You may have one allied Man O' War of another Chaos Power for every Nurgle Plagueship in your fleet.
Cost: 150 points per Khorne Bloodship. 150 points per Slaanesh Hellship. 150 points per Tzeentch Great Winged Terror.
Ship of the Line Squadrons: 2+
At least one squadron of three Plaguecrushers.
Cost: 150 points per squadron.
At least one squadron of three Deathgalleys. All Deathgalleys must be loyal to Nurgle.
Cost: 200 points per squadron.
Chaos Sorcerer: 0-1
The Chaos Sorcerer is always aboard a Bane Tower of Tzeentch.
Cost: 200 points including Bane Tower of Tzeentch.
Chaos Lord: 1
A Nurgle Fleet is commanded by a Chaos Lord of Nurgle aboard one of the fleet's Plagueships.
Cost: Free.
Chaos Reward Cards: 0+
Note that the Nurgle Fleet's flagship does not receive a free Chaos Reward card.
Cost: 25 points per card.
Man O' War cards are not available to the Nurgle Fleet.