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Plague Fleet (1993) — Chaos Magic


Casting Number: 7+

A writhing cloud of millions of noxious plagueflies rolls towards the enemy fleet. The thick, treacly layer of flies descends on a single vessel, their weight causing it to settle in the water. With a terrible droning noise, the flies crawl into the noses and mouths of the target's crew. Those that survive the choking mouthfuls of flies clogging their lungs, rapidly die from the myriad infections of Nurgle that coat the buzzing insects.

Roll a dice for each crew counter on the target ship; on a score of 4, 5 or 6 it is removed.

Plague Sea

Casting Number: 8+

The sea takes on a bilious green hue, coagulating to the texture of cold blood, and the wind is stifled to a sluggish breeze by the foetid vapours which rise in idle columns from the flat surface of the sea. Oars have no effect in this slowly pulsating liquid, while sails remain still in the deadened air.

The only vessels that can move or manoeuvre upon this outlandish ocean are the ships of Chaos, who seem to draw power and sustenance from the sweetly cloying waves.

All ships except Chaos vessels are totally becalmed, and are unable to move this turn.

Vision of Despair

Casting Number: 8+

The enemy crew's battle-lust is replaced by an all-pervading feeling of doom.

Nominate a target and roll a dice.

If the score is lower than or equal to the number of crew counters currently on the target ship, the spell has no discernable effect.

If the score is higher than the current number of crew counters on the target ship, then its crew simply give up all hope; the ship may do nothing this turn, not even defend itself against any boarding actions. If the ship is boarded this turn the crew simply surrender.