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Plague Fleet (1993) — Chaos Reward Cards of Nurgle

Hideous Strength

Type: Special Attack

This ship gives off a foul smell which floats downwind as a choking cloud. Using the range ruler, any ships within 9" and downwind of the stench suffer a -1 on boarding action dice rolls as the crew is sickened by the foul odour and cannot fight to their full potential.


Type: Special Attack

Flies cover this ship like a cloud, and numerous hideous diseases run rife onboard. Any vessel that comes too near runs the risk of catching the plague.

Any ship which comes into contact with this ship must roll a dice; on a score of 6, one crew counter is removed as the sailors succumb to Nurgle's Rot.

Poisoned Arrows

Type: Special Attack — Use Then Discard

In preparation for battle, the reeking, rotting warriors of Nurgle coat their weapons with an evil, green slime that withers and melts flesh on contact.

Before starting a boarding action, roll a dice for each crew counter on the enemy ship; on a score of 5 or 6 the crew is killed by poisoned arrows and the counter is removed.

Regenerate Damage

Type: Ship Ability

This ship has an indistinct, almost flowing outline, as great gobbets of slime shift and roll across the deck, dripping down the hull into the sea. This thick substance seeps into any holes made in the ship, plugging them up and making the hull watertight again.

At the end of each turn, roll a dice for each location of the ship that is damaged; on a score of 6 the location is repaired.

Ship Rot

Type: Special Attack — Use Then Discard

This ship has a forward-firing catapult loaded with slime and rotting filth. It may fire once per battle and has a 9" range. Roll to hit as a catapult. A 1 misses. Any area hit takes 1 point of damage.

Roll for the rot spreading immediately, using the fire spreading table. Any area it spreads to must make a saving throw or take a point of damage. Roll for each area the rot spreads to until it either tries to spread to an area it cannot, remains still, re-infects a rotten area, or the whole ship is affected.


Type: Special Attack

The prow of this ship is covered in writhing, slime-coated tentacles which grope and grasp with grinding suckers.

The tentacles have a 3" range and may be used once per Battle Phase. Roll a dice; on a score of 6, the target ship loses one crew counter as the screaming sailors are plucked from the deck and ripped limb from limb.

Vomit Blast

Type: Special Attack — Use Then Discard

As this ship approaches its target, a huge toad-like mouth opens at its prow, vomiting a torrent of caustic, foul-smelling bile at the target.

The blast has a range of 6" and uses a plague trail template. It is always aimed low, is a 3 dice attack, and has a saving throw modifier of -2.

Wart Scales

Type: Ship Ability

This ship is covered in thick, warty growths that glisten with a hideous slime.

These scale-like nodules add +1 to all the ship's saving throws.