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Plague Fleet (1993), p67-68 — Chaos Scenarios

2: Plaguemonger

A foul odour carries on the breeze, drifting inshore. In the distance, the tolling of a great bell is heard, and coastal villagers choke and gag on the evil stench. The Plaguefleet is coming, and none can withstand it!


The set-up for Plaguemonger is as follows:


Set up the terrain as you would for a normal game. The Chaos player may roll to see if he can bring on Chaos terrain if he wishes.


The non-Chaos player may field any non-Chaos fleet, chosen from any of the Fleet Lists.

The Chaos player must field a fleet chosen from the Plaguefleet Fleet List.

Once both players have chosen their fleets, deploy them using the normal rules.


The Chaos player must move his Plagueship into contact with as many pieces of terrain as possible, to infect them with Nurgle's Rot.

The non-Chaos player must try and prevent the Chaos player spreading the disease by destroying the Plagueship.

The Plaguemonger scenario has a limit of 10 turns.

Special Rules

Place a Nurgle's Rot counter on each terrain piece that the Plagueship comes into contact with. During the End Phase of the turn in which the Nurgle's Rot counter was placed, roll on the following table:

1-2The plague burns itself out; remove the Nurgle's Rot counter from the terrain piece.
3The infection is spreading, but hasn't yet got a stranglehold on the area. Roll for this Nurgle's Rot counter again at the end of next turn.
4-6The Plague takes hold; the terrain is infected with Nurgle's Rot.

Battle Honours

All the normal Battle Honours apply.

In addition, the Chaos player gets 2 Battle Honours for each terrain section infected at the end of the game. The non-Chaos player doubles his Battle Honours if he sinks the Plagueship.