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Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (1988), p268 — The Black Legion

The revived, but still numerically inferior, Sons fought a number of wars against the other Traitor Legions, which culminated in the destruction of the Sons' fortress. The Warmaster's body was removed and cloned, much to the disgust of the remaining Sons. Denied their Warmaster, the Sons rejected his name, their chapter title and painted their armour predominantly black. In a lightning raid the new 'Black Legion' destroyed the Warmaster's body and fled into a further exile. The Chapter's remaining space barge vanished into the dust nebulae about the Eye of Terror.

The Black Legion has raided the Eye of Terror and Imperial worlds ever since. Their hulking space barge has been seen in many parts of the Imperium, only to vanish as mysteriously as it had arrived. The Legion leaves traces of its presence on many planets, and has fought against Imperial forces on many occasions, but its motives and loyalties remain unclear. During the Ultramrines' operations against the Tyranid hive-fleet 'Behemoth', for example, a Black Legion helmet was found by a combat ship clearance squad. Inquisition scholars are still divided over the significance of this discovery.