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Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (1988), p89 — 654-666 Plague

The blade is infected with a hideous Chaos-warped disease. During its forging, tempering and quenching, diseased mutants were used to test the blade's edge, and its metal is tainted as a result.

Blades originally received by Nurgle's followers are infected with Nurgle's Rot (see The Lost and the Damned). For blades of other Chaos Powers roll a D6 and consult the following table to determine the Plague blade's effects. Whenever the blade hits an opponent in hand to hand combat it may pass on its infection. No damage need have been caused by the blade. The target makes a Toughness test, and if this is failed the effects of the plague are applied immediately.

1The Shakes
The plague causes terrible shaking fits, so that its victim can no longer control muscles and limbs properly. Reduce WS by 1/10 and A by 1.
2Eye Rot
The plague causes the victim's eyes to swell and distend, growing large and bulbuos with retained fluid. Reduce the victim's BS by 1/10.
3Creeping Buboes
The plague covers the victim's limbs in foul ulcers and leprous sores. These restrict movement and cause great discomfort. Reduce the victim's Move by one, and I by 1/10.
4Bone Ague
The plague changes the victim's bone structure, causing a wild uncontrollable growth in some bones, and a withering inner rot in others. Reduce S and T by 1 each.
5Grey Fever
The plague causes the victim's brain to waste and eventually dry out. This, in turn, brings senility and dementia. Reduce the victim's Int, Ld, Cl and WP by 1/10 each.
6Green Pox
The plague causes the victim to break out in hideous green spots and pimples. As the pox takes its toll and the infection spreads the victim grows thinner and weaker. Reduce Wounds by 1/5.

At the end of every battle (WFRP: 24 hours) any survivor with a plague must make a further Toughness test. If this is failed the plague effects are applied again. No characteristic can drop below one as the result of one of these plagues.