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Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (1988), p128 — 706-715 Plague Bearer

The mutant carries some form of hideous Chaos-tainted disease. Followers of Nurgle with this attribute automatically have Nurgle's Rot (see The Lost and the Damned for further details).

Followers of other Chaos Powers should roll a D6 and consult the table below to determine the nature of their plague and its hideous effects:

1The Shakes
The mutant is afflicted with uncontrollable shaking fits, to the extent that it can no longer control its muscles and limbs properly. Reduce Weapon Skill by 1/10 and Attacks by one as a result of this palsy.
2Eye Rot
The mutant's eyes swell and distend, growing large and bulbuos with retained fluid. Reduce the mutant's Ballistic Skill by 1/10.
3Creeping Buboes
The mutant's limbs are covered in foul and ulcerous open sores, which restrict movement and cause great discomfort. Reduce the mutant's Move by one, and its Initiative by 1/10.
4Bone Ague
The mutant's bone structure changes, growing enormously in places, withering to nothing in others. The mutant's form is twisted and distorted as a result. Reduce Strength and Toughness by one each.
5Grey Fever
The mutant's brain is seized by a strange wasting fever, which brings hallucinations, premature senility and dementia. Reduce the mutant's Leadership, Intelligence, Cool and Will Power by 1/10.
6Green Pox
The mutant develops hideous green spots and pimples over its entire body, and grows thinner as the pox takes its toll. Reduce Wounds by 1/5.

No characteristic can drop below one as a result of being a Plague Bearer. The mutant gains one fear point.

Whenever the mutant hits an opponent in close combat it may have passed on its infection. No damage need be caused for this to happen. The opponent makes a Toughness test, failure indicating infection. Apply the effects of the plague immediately. No characteristic can ever be reduced below one by the effects of a plague.

At the end of every battle (WFRP: 24 hours) any survivor with a plague must make a Toughness test. If this is failed its profile is again reduced, but no characteristic can drop below one.