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Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (1988), p135 — 956-960 Warp Frenzy

The mutant becomes subject to frenzy of a particularly violent type. When it becomes frenzied, it gains D6+6 extra Chaos attributes. These extra attributes can be generated randomly whenever the frenzy strikes, determined now and noted down for later use, or you can roll a D6 and consult the table below to determine the extra Chaos attributes that the mutant gains when it is in the throes of its terrible frenzy:

D6Attributes gained
1Albino (p114); Bestial Face - goat (p115); Bird's Feet (p115); Flaming Skull Face (p121); Pseudo-Daemonhood (p128); Regeneration (p129).
2Additional Eye (p114); Crest (p118); Elastic Limbs (p120); Fangs (p120); Horrible Stench (p122); Mace Tail (p124); Mercreature (p125); Puny (p128).
3Alcoholism (p114); Bestial Face - goat (p115); Bulging Eyes (p111); Headless (p121); Extra Joints - legs (p120); Furry (p121); Long Nose (p124); Plague Bearer - Grey Fever (p121); Temporal Instability (p134).
4Blood Rage (p116); Crown of Flesh - fingers (p119); Eyestalks (p120); Iron Hard Skin (p122); Overgrown Body Part - feet (p127); Mechanoid - arms (p125); Plague Bearer - The Shakes (p121); Spits Acid (p131); Vampire (p134); Weapon Master (p135).
5Blood Substitution - maggots (p116); Clouds of Flies (p118); Extremely Thin (p120); Horrible Stench (p122); Razor Sharp Claws (p129); Rotting Flesh (p129); Shrink - quarter size (p130); Tail (p131); Tentacles - one arm (p134); Warty Skin (p135); Zoological Mutation - lion face (p136).
6Bestial Face - goat (p115); Enormously Fat (p130); Hopper (p121); Irrational Fear - blue objects (p123); Mane of Hair (p124); Multiple Arms - two extra (p126); Multiple Heads - one extra, eagle's head (p126); Poisonous Bite (p128); Scaly Skin (p130); Technology - bolter (p132); Transparent Skin (p134); Wings (p136).

The mutant's frame warps into its new form for the duration of its frenzy and then changes back to its original form when the bout of frenzy is over. Its original Chaos attributes are retained at all times, and it is to this form that the mutant reverts after its frenzy.

While it is frenzied the mutant adds five fear points to its total in addition to any other fear points its new attributes may give it. This may alter the psychological effects it induces in its opponents.