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Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (1990), p164 — Daemon Battles

Just as industrial slaves labour to produce the weapons and armour for battle, so vast prayer-gangs are put to work worshipping their masters. On the Daemon World of Bubonicus, for example, the equator is surrounded by a dancing human chain which sings and dances the praise of Nurgle as it circles the world. The dancers develop Nurgle's Rot and gradually mutate into Plaguebearers. The Plaguebearers join their master and new mortals take their place so that the circle is never broken. This theatrical conceit pleases Nurgle tremendously, so that Bubonicus has commanded it should never cease.

This is a typical example of the vast scale of worship which the Chaos Powers enjoy. Other examples include planets where millions of people chant the same mantra in a city of perpetual worship so that the whole world vibrates to their voices. The entire energies of another are spent building and tolling bells as big as cities, whose thunderous peals rebound around the globe while thousands of slaves labour to swing them. There is said to be a world belonging to Nurgle where the entire population is enslaved keeping the accounts of disease and pestilence, recording every incidence of sickness in the entire galaxy.