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Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (1990), p243 — Daemon Legion of Nurgle

Nurgle is probably the greatest showman of all the Chaos Powers and revels in the spectacle and drama of battle more than any of the others. The Nurgle player is faced with a wide choice of daemonic and mortal troops including the anarchic little Nurglings, wildly enthusiastic Beasts, sombre Plague Skeletons and uncaring Zombies. The Legion can perhaps be visualised as a grotesque and macabre carnival. Wild jollity, laughter and mad-cap capering is combined with the most horrible manifestations of disease and deformity like an insane circus parade of all the worst ills imaginable. In charge of this parade of disease and infirmity are the Great Unclean Ones - Greater Daemons of Nurgle.