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Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (1990), p52-53 — Gifts of Nurgle

45-49Plague. The morbid energies of disease are Nurgle's most special gift. The Champion's body is consumed by disease and its energies channelled into Nurgle's service, creating fresh vigour from its own destruction. Roll a D6 to determine the nature of the affliction.
  1. The Death Dance. The Champion shakes, twitches and throws quaking fits. His weapon skill and attacks are both reduced by -1.
  2. Bulging Eye. The Champion's eyes bulge and become inflamed, his eyelids become fixed open, and sticky fluids drip down his cheeks. His bow skill is reduced by -1.
  3. Creeping Buboes. The Champion's limbs and face are covered with huge boils which burst and leave running sores. His movement is reduced by -1.
  4. Crook Bone. The Champion's limbs become twisted and crippled. He limps or hobbles about and his hands become rigid and claw-like. His strength and toughness are reduced by -1.
  5. Grey Ague. The Champion's mind begins to rot within his skull. His head begins to split and weep putrescent matter writhing with small dark maggots. The Champion's leadership, intelligence, cool and will power are all reduced by -1.
  6. Green Pox. The Champion becomes more and more wasted until he is little more than a walking skeleton. His skin becomes green and taut and his lips wither away revealing his teeth. The Champion's wounds are reduced by -1.

If a plague reduces wounds to zero the character is dead. If toughness is reduced to zero all hits will wound automatically. If strength falls to zero all attacks will fail to cause damage. A Champion gifted with several plagues cannot pass them on to a follower unless he receives the same plague twice.