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Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (1990), p77 — Monoliths to Nurgle

Monuments to Nurgle almost always look old and crumbling no matter how recent they are, for the Lord of Decay makes no effort to preserve the physical appearance of monuments erected in his name. Shale and slate are favoured for making the monolith, and some are cast in rusting iron or green-crusted copper. Moss, mould, lichen and slime cover its surface, and its many nooks and crannies are home to all sorts of slithering beasts including snakes, lizards, toads, slugs and snails. When anyone approaches a great black mass of flies appears from within the monolith and surrounds it. Champions of Nurgle will toss the bodies of comrades or enemies at the feet of the stone, to rot and contribute to the growing mound of refuse around it.