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Citadel of Skulls (2011), p63 — Nurgling

These disease-carrying vermin are a common sight among the catacombs of the Citadel of Skulls. Nurglings are tiny, hideous things with bloated bodies whose scrofulous hides are covered in weeping sores, pustules, and misshapen tumours. Their ravening mouths are filled with long, jagged fangs, and their spindly arms tipped with scabrous claws. Travelling in swarms, these voracious predators will attack anything on sight, and can kill a man with a single bite.

Nurgling Profile

Movement: 2/4/6/12

Wounds: 6

Skills: Awareness (Per) +20.

Talents: None.

Traits: Daemonic (TB 4), Fear (1), From Beyond, Improved Natural Weapons, Natural Weapon (Teeth), Size (Scrawny), Warp Instability.

Armour: None.

Weapons: Teeth (1d10+1 R; Toxic). A victim who suffers damage from a Nurgling's bite must pass an Ordinary (+10) Toughness Test or contract a virulent disease. The exact nature of the disease should be left up to the GM's discretion. A diseased victim loses 1d5 points of Toughness permanently.

Gear: None.