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Renegades (1992), p57 — Great Unclean One - Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Greater Daemons of Nurgle resemble Nurgle himself in appearance and personality. Their bloated bodies ooze with sores and boils, pus and slime dribbles over their leprous skin, and decaying inner organs protrude from tears in their great bellies. Great Unclean Ones treat their followers with a gregarious and even sentimental nature, taking noticeable pride in their slaves' behaviour, diseases and achievements. All Great Unclean Ones seem to have boundless energy and drive, constantly working to extend the process of rot and decay, thoughtless for their own comfort while parts of the galaxy still remain uncorrupted.

A Great Unclean One is constantly accompanied by swarms of tiny Nurglings: miniature images of Nurgle which pop out constantly from pustules on the rotting flanks of the Great Unclean One. They are mischevious little creatures, and when they aren't off spreading boils and diseases they scramble around the body of the Great Unclean One picking at his skin and squabbling for his attention. When confronted by the enemy the Nurglings advance forward in a furious swarm, biting ankles, clawing shins and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Because of the Nurglings' disruptive effect, Great Unclean Ones never count as being outnumbered in close combat, so enemy troops don't receive extra D6s for having extra models in combat.

Great Unclean Ones can also vomit a Stream of Corruption over their foes. The daemon's bloated gut haves and contracts and the Great Unclean One spews up a stinking jet of blood, maggots, slime and other putrid foulness which chokes and drowns victims in diseased filth.

A Great Unclean One may vomit a Stream of Corruption in the first fire segment of the combat phase. Take the special Stream of Corruption template and place it so that the pointed end touched the base of the Great Unclean One and the broad end lies somewhere in the daemon's front 180° arc. Any model under the template is smothered and destroyed on a D6 roll of 3+. Any model that is affected is killed, and does not get a saving throw. Titans lose one void shield if hit, or take a hit with a -2 save modifier if all their shields are down.

Troop TypeMoveSaving ThrowCAFWeaponsRangeAttack DiceRoll to HitTarget's Save Mod.Notes
Great Unclean One5cm1++7Stream of CorruptionSee above3+No saving throw