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Renegades (1992), p64 — Plaguebearers of Nurgle

Plaguebearer daemons are the souls of those who have died victims of Nurgle's greatest contagion - Nurgle's Rot. Nurgle's Rot is an unusual disease in that it affects not only the body but the soul of the victim too. Those infected by the Rot gradually turn into Nurgle's Plaguebearers. These daemons are doomed to the impossible task of keeping account of the innumerable plagues, contagions and infections throughout the universe, counting and recounting in a fruitless attempt to impose order on a meaningless and chaotic existence.

Plaguebearers are surrounded by a huge buzzing cloud of flies. Any enemy unit that is engaged by a unit of Plaguebearers in close combat must take a morale check (even if it is not yet broken) at the start of the close combat segment of the combat phase. If the enemy fails it is forced to go on to fall back orders and so will suffer a -2 penalty to its close assault factor. Even if the unit passes the check it still suffers a -1 close assault factor penalty due to the distracting nature of the flies. The cloud of flies does affect crewed vehicles and Ttans (the flies get in through vision slits and other small openings), but does not affect uncrewed machines such as robots and Eldar Wraithguard.

Troop TypeMoveSaving ThrowCAFWeaponsRangeAttack DiceRoll to HitTarget's Save Mod.Notes
Plaguebearer10cm4++4None----Cloud of flies