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White Dwarf 106 (Oct 1988), p65 — Beastmen of Nurgle

Swollen and blistered with disease, Beastmen of Nurgle swarm and breed in prodigious numbers. Their tribute to the Lord of Corruption takes many forms, although disgusting feasts of putrified food and rather unwholesome refuse are frequent occurences. No act of uncleanliness is too low for Beastmen in Nurgle's service. From the consumption of plague victims to wallowing and bathing in filth, nothing is beyond them.

Nurgle's Beastmen are marked by the colours of disease and decay, often having sallow skin and jaundiced eyes. Their fur is usually brown, although it true colour is often hidden beneath layers of filth and dung. Beastmen of Nurgle are bloated individuals, pockmarked by disease. They are often marked by carefully cultured abcesses, in the shape of Nurgle's rune. Their horns are twisted versions of Nurgle's own wide horns, many with suckered ends. The most favoured are marked by Tears of Nurgle: oozing unhealthy secretions that drip from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Special Rules for Nurgle's Beastmen

  1. Beastmen heroes and wizards of Nurgle may be carriers of Nurgle's Rot. Roll a D6 for each character. On a result of 6 the Beastman is infected, but has yet to show any symptoms. See The Lost and the Damned for full details of Nurgle's Rot. (WFRP: 25% of all attacks cause infected wounds.)
  2. The first spell of any given level known by one of Nurgle's Beastman wizards is always a special spell of Nurgle (See Spells of Nurgle in The Lost and the Damned). A level 5 Beastman wizard of Nurgle, for example, always knows Gift of Nurgle and two other randomly determined spells.
  3. Beastmen of Nurgle are subject to hatred of all Tzeentchian mortal followers, including Beastmen of Tzeentch.