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White Dwarf 109 (Jan 1989), p27 — The Great Unclean Ones

Greater Daemons of Nurgle (Bahk'ghuranh'aghkami)

Corruptors of Flesh, The Corrupt, Fly Masters, Sons of Nurgle, Plague Lords, Wallowers in the Pit, Stench Lords

These powerful Daemons are slothful and indolent wallowers in morbidity, concerned only with the progress of their own personal cargo of infections and illnesses. Once roused, however, they are deadly opponents, despite the studied air of decay and misery that surrounds them. Although they have tremendous strength, whenever possible the Unclean Ones prefer spellcasting to the exertions and dangers of combat. They will, of course, fight if magic or escape are impossible.

Physique: Created in Nurgle's own image, a Great Unclean One is far taller than a man. Its bloated body is riddled with pustules, and its head sits on multiple chins without any sign of a neck. The Unclean One's sinewy arms reach to the ground, and its three-fingered, clawed hands are always filthy. A snake-like tongue hangs from its mouth with a tiny, malicious face of its own. An Unclean One's skin is tinted various shades of green, yellow and brown, and is encrusted with slimy mucus. Often this hangs in gobbets and drops from the Daemon whenever it moves its lumpen body. Its horns and claws are of a sickly ivory hue.

An Unclean One may be infested with Nurglings (Daemonic Servants of Nurgle) who obtain sustenance by nibbling upon the dead skin of the Greater Daemon. Such creatures can even live within the mouth of an Unclean One, picking juicy morsels from the rotten stumps of their large cousin's teeth.

Alignment: Chaos (Nurgle)

Psychological Traits: As Greater Daemon. Subject to hatred of all creatures and followers of Tzeentch.

Magic: Greater Daemons of Nurgle know seven spells of various levels. They always succeed in casting spells, and no magic points are expended (see The Magic of Chaos). See Daemonic Saving Throws in The Magic of Chaos for details of an Unclean One's magic saving throw.

Magic Items: Each Great Unclean One may have D6 random magic items. See the Random Magic Items Table in The Lost and the Damned.

Special Rules: As Greater Daemon. An Unclean One has 8 claw attacks, 1 bite or gore and 1 stomp. Each time that an Unclean One bites an opponent an extra attack occurs. If this is successful the tongue-face has also bitten the opponent with a poisonous bite causing a Strength 1 hit.

Any non-magical weapon which comes into contact with an Unclean One rusts and moulders to dust instantly. Magical, Daemon and Chaos weapons and armour are unaffected.

All living creature in hand-to-hand combat with an Unclean One risk catching Nurgle's Rot. See Nurgle's Rot in The Magic of Chaos for further details of this daemonic infection.

WFRP: The claw and bite attacks have a 100% chance of causing infected wounds.

Great Unclean Ones should be mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases.

Great Unclean One

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The points value has been modified to reflect the Unclean One's spellcasting abilities. Great Unclean Ones have an armour saving throw of 5 or 6.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

A Great Unclean One has 2 armour points on all locations.

The profiles may be modified by the Daemon's Chaos attributes.