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White Dwarf 109 (Jan 1989), p25 — The Servants of Chaos

The Daemons of Nurgle and Tzeentch are crafty and subtle creatures in their own ways. Nurgle, the Lord of Disease, the bringer of decay, has made his Daemons in his own image, yet none of his Daemons are quite as they appear. Even the apparently straightforward and repulsively playful Nurglings, who infest his servants like mites, are twisted and moulded to Nurgle's image and purpose.

The festering sordidness of his Unclean Ones is merely a pale echo of Nurgle's own gross fascination with disease and decay. Their studied air of self-concern and overweening misery is just that: a studied pose which can be thrown aside when Nurgles' own bassoprofondo glee requires a chorus of answering unwholesome titters. They serve as ciphers for his malicious humours, urges towards decay and foul exertions.