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White Dwarf 121 (Jan 1990), p12-13 — Gifts of Nurgle

A Champion of Nurgle can refuse a Chaos Gift (except Eye of God) in favour of a randomly generated Gift of Nurgle. Once a Gift of Nurgle has been generated it cannot be refused, even if it is a Chaos Attribute. To invite the Power's wrath by attempting to refuse a Gift would be very foolish indeed!

01-06Face of Nurgle. The Champion's face changes so that he now resembles the great Chaos Power Nurgle himself! His flesh becomes swollen and green, his eyes become distended, and his skin turns leprous and slimy. He acquires a long lolloping tongue tipped with a tiny face. His unlovely appearance causes fear.
07-15Biting Tongue. The Champion's tongue grows so that it is long, thick and cylindrical, and its tip develops a ring of snapping teeth. This confers a strength 4 bite attack. The Champion's tongue can retreat right into his body ready to shoot out and bite an unwary adversary.
16-20Face of a Plaguebearer. The Champion's face changes into that of a Plaguebearer. His skin turns green and putrid, his eyes merge into a single orb, and a horn sprouts from his forehead. When he charges into combat he has an extra gore attack during the first round with a +2 to hit bonus.
21-24Face of a Beast. The Champion's face changes into a mass of paralysing tentacles like that of a Beast of Nurgle. This does not affect his sight or other senses. The Champion receives an extra D6 sucker attacks in hand-to-hand fighting. For each sucker hit roll a D6, if the score is more than the victim's toughness it is paralysed. Paralysed models are not killed, but can do nothing for the remainder of the battle. The sticky paralysing fluid released by the tentacles seeps through armour, so no armour saving throw is allowed.
25-30Immensity. The Champion grows and grows until his bulk forms a miniature version of Nurgle's own corpulent figure. The Champion's obese body gives him +1 toughness because it is so massive. His initiative is reduced by -1.
31-38Nurgle's Rot. The Champion becomes a carrier of Nurgle's Rot, the degenerative disease that turns living creatures into Plaguebearers. The Champion can pass the Rot on to his enemies in close combat, but does not suffer from its effects himself. If acquired a second or subsequent time, the Rot is passed on to a follower. Unlike Champions, these followers are affected by the disease.
39-44Horns of Nurgle. The Champion grows a pair of spreading horns like those of Nurgle and the Great Unclean Ones. These twisted and down-curving horns are not used in combat and serve only to alter the Champion's appearance.
45-49Plague. The morbid energies of disease are Nurgle's most special gift. The Champion's body is consumed by disease and its energies channelled into Nurgle's service, creating fresh vigour from its own destruction. Roll a D6 to determine the nature of the affliction.
  1. The Death Dance. The Champion shakes, twitches and throws quaking fits. His weapon skill and attacks are both reduced by -1.
  2. Bulging Eye. The Champion's eyes bulge and become inflamed, his eyelids become fixed open, and sticky fluids drip down his cheeks. His bow skill is reduced by -1.
  3. Creeping Buboes. The Champion's limbs and face are covered with huge boils which burst and leave running sores. His movement is reduced by -1.
  4. Crook Bone. The Champion's limbs become twisted and crippled. He limps or hobbles about and his hands become rigid and claw-like. His strength and toughness are reduced by -1.
  5. Grey Ague. The Champion's mind begins to rot within his skull. His head begins to split and weep putrescent matter writhing with small dark maggots. The Champion's leadership, intelligence, cool and will power are all reduced by -1.
  6. Green Pox. The Champion becomes more and more wasted until he is little more than a walking skeleton. His skin becomes green and taut and his lips wither away revealing his teeth. The Champion's wounds are reduced by -1.

If a plague reduces wounds to zero the character is dead. If toughness is reduced to zero all hits will wound automatically. If strength falls to zero all attacks will fail to cause damage. A Champion gifted with several plagues cannot pass them on to a follower unless he receives the same plague twice.

50-57Hide of Nurgle. The Champion's skin becomes green, necrous and leathery. Numerous sores open all over his body. Tears or wounds remain raw and tattered and do not heal. A buzzing cloud of flies gathers around the Champion. In hand-to-hand combat all opponents suffer a -1 to hit penalty due to the flies buzzing into their eyes, ears, mouths and nostrils.
58-63Crossbreed with Beast. The Champion mutates into a hybrid creature so that he is half Beast of Nurgle. His head gains sticky tentacles while his lower body becomes slug-like. All of his characteristics change to the average value of his own and the Beast's profile, rounding fractions down to the nearest whole number.

The hybridised Champion retains all of his previous rewards. In addition he gains the suckers attacks described under Face of a Beast and he leaves a sticky trail behind him as described under Trail of Slime.

64-71Nurgling Infestation. The Champion becomes the host of a group of small Nurglings. They live in the recesses of his armour and clothes, snuggling into his armpits and nestling in his hair. In hand-to-hand combat the Nurglings leap from the Champion's head and shoulders and clamber about his feet, biting and clawing at his enemy. This counts as an extra strength 3 attack made by the Champion. The Nurglings cannot be attacked themselves, and any who are trampled or squashed in the combat are soon replaced. This gift may be acquired by the Champion more than once, and each subsequent infestation confers another attack. Alternatively, a second or subsequent gift can be passed on to a follower.
72-78Familiar. The Champion is gifted with a single corpulent Nurgling as his familiar. Roll to determine the familiar's type using a D100.

13-34Magic Focus
35-56Magic Power
57-78Magic Spell
79-00Magic Storage

Rules for familiars are given in the Slaves to Darkness volume of Realm of Chaos. A Champion may be gifted with several familiars.

79-84Trail of Slime. The Champion leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes. The slime drips off his body or bubbles incontinently from him. Any model directly behind and within 4" of the Champion is adjudged to have stepped in the trail of slime and risks catching Nurgle's Rot (see Nurgle's Rot).
85-93Rune of Nurgle. The fly rune of Nurgle appears on the Champion's forehead or some other prominent part of his body. The rune bursts forth like an inflammation and develops into a fly-shaped mass of boils or sores.
94-97Daemonic Name. Nurgle honours his Champion by granting him a daemonic True Name. Daemonic names and the generation tables for creating them are described in Slaves to Darkness. Second and subsequent rewards make the name longer and more impressive, reflecting the Champion's growing status in the eyes of Nurgle.
98-00Chaos Attribute. Nurgle perversely awards his Champion with a random Chaos Attribute. Although arrived at as a Gift of Nurgle, this reward is a Chaos Attribute and counts as such when determining a Champion's fate under the Eye of God.