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White Dwarf 121 (Jan 1990), p47 — The Halls

Location G

Locations G and H are a Chaos Temple dedicated to Nurgle. This is where Hemler is usually found; if he is still alive, he may be played when you place the Orcs in these rooms. The monsters here are never surprised.

As soon as the Heroes open either door you should read the following text:

You are immediately struck by the stench of decay and disease that assails your nostrils. The smell is awful: it is like the stink of a thousand corpses rotting away.

The floor is thick with slime and waste material, bubbling slowly as if it is boiling from within. A pale green mist rolls around the room, easing out of the door into the passageway.

The symbol roughly gouged into the wall opposite reveals you have stumbled across a temple to Nurgle: the Chaos Power of Decay.

Location H

This is the temple itself. Read the following as the Heroes open the door.

The door to this room seems reluctant to open; only when you put all of your weight behind it does it respond. As you ease it back a thin curtain of slime spreads between the door and the frame.

Looking into the room your eyes are immediately drawn to the far wall. A huge stone altar, covered in mucus and moss, juts out of the wall. Lying on top there is a pile of treasure, the glint of the coins barely visible beneath the dirt and excrement.

You should roll three times on the Treasure Chests Table to determine the treasure on the altar.