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White Dwarf 132 (Dec 1990), p21 — Beasts of Nurgle

Lesser Daemons

Beasts of Nurgle have a fearsome appearance: a slug-like body topped by a fringe of fat writhing tentacles which constantly ooze slimy secretions. This is belied by their apparently friendly and energetic character as they bound from oen group of newcomers to the next, excitedly licking at their new friends and leaving little puddles of caustic slime behind them. The touch of the Beast of Nurgle is deadly to mortals, though they do not appreciate this and only register vague disappointment as each new playmate quickly becomes still and boring.


Notes: none.

Daemonic Abilities

Beasts are immune to panic except when attacked by fire (not plasma, no lasers, not meltas - just fire) which causes an automatic panic test.