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White Dwarf 132 (Dec 1990), p20 — Great Unclean Ones

Greater Daemons

Whereas most Greater Daemons are actually servants and slaves of their Power, those of Nurgle are more akin to facsimiles of Nurgle himself both in terms of appearance and personality. Indeed the followers of Nurgle frequently refer to Great Unclean Ones as Father Nurgle - which gives an indication of the relation between Daemon and underling. Nurgle's followers are treated with a gregarious and even sentimental nature by Great Unclean Ones, who seem to take a noticeable pride in their behaviour and achievements. All Graeter Daemons of Nurgle seem to have boundless energy and drive, constantly working to extend the process of rot and decay, thoughtless for their own comfort while places still remain uncorrupted.


Notes: hates followers and creatures of Tzeentch.

Daemonic Abilities

Great Unclean Ones cause panic in opponents within 12cm.

Great Unclean Ones are great masters of magic - each turn a Great Unclean One can use a single ability from the following list. These are cast in the appropriate fire phase for its orders unless specified otherwise.

  1. Launch a stream of filth and corruption against its foes. Use the Gargant grape shot template to mark the area affected by the stream. Any unti caight underneath the template must make an unmodified saving throw to survive.
  2. Project an aura of pestilence which halves the CAF value of all units within 12cm which are not followers of Nurgle.
  3. Send followers and Lesser Daemons of Nurgle within 24cm into a whirling Dance of Death. It must declare this use in the orders phase of the turn. The affected units must charge (even if they don't have charge orders) and enter close combat if possible. While in the Dance of Death, units are immune to panic.