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White Dwarf 132 (Dec 1990), p21 — Nurglings

Lesser Daemons

Nurglings are Nurgle's favoured little helpers. Each one is a tiny facsimile of Nurgle or a Great Unclean One. Nurglings are excitable and energetic, like malicious school children, though their vicious sense of humour and sharp fangs make them quite nasty for all their small size.

The Nurglings encountered on the battlefield are mostly in great swarms which have bred together on the Nurgle Renegades' space hulk. They form carpet-like masses to overwhelm the foe with numbers while more adventurous individuals sneak off to inflict boils and diseases on their own. Quite often Nurglings will remain behind on a planet which has been raided to cause trouble for years to come.


Notes: Regenerates (this doesn't represent the actual Nurglings regenerating, rather it shows the tendency for the nurglings to get scattered by a hit and them gradually scramble back together). Nurglings have no Daemonic Abilities.