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White Dwarf 132 (Dec 1990), p20 — Plaguebearers

Lesser Daemons

Plaguebearers are created from the dying soul stuff of victims of Nurgle's greatest contagion, Nurgle's Rot. Nurgle's Rot is unusual in that it affects not only the body but the soul of the victim too. Those falling prey to its influence become Nurgle's servants. Plaguebearers are doomed to the impossible task of keping account of the innumerable plagues, contagions and infections throughout the universe, counting and recounting in a fruitless attempt to impose order on a meaningless and chaotic existence.


Notes: hates followers and creatures of Tzeentch.

Daemonic Abilities

Plaguebearers cause panic in opponents when they charge into close combat.

Plaguebearers are surounded by clouds of flies wich swarm over their opponents in close combat, inflicting a -1 CAF modifier.

The unholy Plague Swords borne by Plaguebearers inflict an additional -1 on all Daemonic saving throws made against Plaguebearers in close combat.

Plaguebearers will use magic on occasion during battles. Each turn a detachment of Plaguebearers can use a single ability from the following list. These are cast in the appropriate fire phase for their orders unless specified otherwise.

  1. Raise any units destroyed within 12cm as an undead counter - see Artifact Weapons: Plague Wains for more details.
  2. They may set up a sonorous chanting in the orders phase of the turn which will force a single detachment within 24cm onto no orders if it fails its saving throw.
  3. Invoke a Plague Wind which affects the area of 6cm burst template. Any units caught underneath the template must make a saving throw to survive. Maximum range for the Plague Wind is 30cm.