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Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium (2017), p12-13 — Death Guard Vectoriums

Ruthless and utterly implacable, the corrupted warriors of the Death Guard are the favoured sons of Nurgle. Each of the Legion's disparate vectoriums prosecutes the Long War in its own unique manner, though all live to spread the pestilent influence of the Plague Lord across the galaxy.

Armour of the Pallid HandBoltgun of the Pallid Hand
Masters of the armoured assault, the Pallid Hand employ a greater number of Chaos Predators and Land Raiders than almost every other vectorium of the Death Guard. Those enemies that are not crushed beneath their rusted treads are blasted apart by pinpoint artillery bombardments.
Armour of the Apostles of ContagionBoltgun of the Apostles of Contagion
Before the Apostles of Contagion step onto the battlefield, they fill the air with billowing gas clouds that melt flesh from bone. Those unlucky few who survive the putrid assault are left horrendously mutated and unable to fight as waves of Plague Marines wade through their defences.
Armour of the Fecund OnesBoltgun of the Fecund Ones
Whenever an agri world is infected with a sample of the innumerable poxes of Nurgle, the warband known as the Fecund Ones are often the culprits, as they delight in sowing the gifts of their putrescent lord among the food supplies of the Imperium's oblivious masses.
Armour of the Glooming LordsBoltgun of the Glooming Lords
The Glooming Lords are a morose band of killers who march into battle surrounded by colossal clouds of droning black Daemon-flies. They harbour a particular hatred for the sorcerous warbands of Tzeentch, whose vibrant, colourful vigour they regard as insufferable.
Armour of the Putrid ChoirBoltgun of the Putrid Choir
The Putrid Choir's march to battle is always signalled by the baleful toll of the vectorium's tocsins of misery. Accompanying this maddening percussion is the sound of scores of pus-filled throats bellowing discordant battle dirges in honour of Grandfather Nurgle.
Armour of the Pox Mortis warbandBoltgun of the Pox Mortis warband
To the Plague Marines of the Pox Mortis warband, the brewing of blight grenades is nothing less than an art form. The warrior that can blend the most gloriously festering concoction, and successfully demonstrate its effects upon a worthy foe, is held in high favour indeed.
Armour of the Mouldering ClawBoltgun of the Mouldering Claw
The Mouldering Claw delight in the brutality of close-quarters combat. They like to close with the enemy line as quickly as possible before carving them apart with jagged plague knives. Even a single cut from one of their toxin-laced blades is certain to cause an agonising death.
Armour of the Weeping LegionBoltgun of the Weeping Legion
The Weeping Legion are so named because they enter battle covered in the foul ichor of their own continuously dripping wounds. With each layer of rancid filth that encrusts their armour, these pus-slicked warriors of the Death Guard become even more resistant to damage.
Armour of the Carrion HoundsBoltgun of the Carrion Hounds
Vast hordes of Poxwalkers screen the advance of the Carrion Hounds. The warriors of this vile host hold a great affection for the shambling monsters, and often assemble morbid 'collections' of infected souls, such as defeated Astra Militarum regiments or entire noble families.
Armour of the Heralds of DespairBoltgun of the Heralds of Despair
The Heralds of Despair revel in prolonged sieges, and are obsessively methodical in their approach to warfare. After heavy bombardments and the severing of supply lines, they will seal an enemy force inside a fortress and watch as rot and hopelessness take hold of the inhabitants.
Armour of the CorpsemakersBoltgun of the Corpsemakers
The Corpsemakers see the destruction of the Imperium's grandest strongholds as their profane duty. Burrowing into the bedrock of enemy bastions like maggots through flesh, they undermine and corrupt the foundations so that the entire structure soon falls.