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Xenology (2006), p80

Given the testimony of Braez's prisoner, I have no hesitation in speculating that the figures scribbled thereon are those same ancient gods his Hrud captors recalled. What troubles me most is not that inherent heresy of this pantheon, but their remarkable likenesses to the gods of other races. Here we see a horned hunter, here a red-handed figure, a laughing jester and a hammer-wielding artisan. Such demagogues recur again and again in the myths and legends of a number of races. Is there synchronicity in the workship of this ancient deities? And - more worryingly - is there some truth to their existence?

From that horrific, heretical speculation there follows another question. Braez's testimony speaks of a single god who lingered behind, who deserted the Hrud fully half a million years ago, with promises of a 'great work'. What event of colossal significance was underway at that time?