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Xenology (2006), p79

Hrud religion is a peculiar subject. Where other races invariably regard their deities with a subconscious distance, the clarity of Hrud mass-memory makes it likely that their legends are - if not real - then at least based on real events. They have it that at the dawn of time their race was created by a pantheon of benevolent gods (the Slah-haii, or 'most ancient'), who intended them to bask in the sun and be fruitful. All this changed when the deities entered a ruinous war with the Yaam-khoh ('mirror devils'), and were variosuly slain, crippled or forced to flee. According to the Hrud, only one of their Gods remained: Qah - 'he who lingers'. This solitary godhead, recognising the danger his beloved children were in, changed the Hrud into the nocturnal scavengers we know today. Curiously, around 500,000 years ago, Qah disappeared: informing the Hrud that he had great works to attend, and that they would be reunited at the time of Raheed-skoh: when the tribes come together for the last battle against the Yaam-khoh.