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Xenology (2006), p61 — Vocal-Recording File

Magos Biologis Darvus:
Date Biegel Local: Day 62, 15th/20th

I pulled a strange diamond shaped organ from the chemical stacks on the Q'Orl's back. One on each side; all connected to its brain. I-is this where my blood would have ended, if I'd let the treasure live? Mixed into a pheromone-paste, sprayed in the air like incense? What a thing to see!

[laughter becomes sobbing]

I can't keep killing them. So few remain.


I must be strong. I studied thirteen years on Mars to become a Magos. I was revered as a master of my craft.

How did I grow so weak? So attached?


This organ, this bony little pheromone-thing, I've seen its kind before. This very week - pulled piecemeal from another of my slaughtered pets. There. Let that coincidence be my offering to the bastard-inquisitor. Let him make of it what he will.

Let him leave me for another day.