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Xenology (2006), p23 — Vocal-Recording File

Inquisitor Brehm Sasham:
Date Imperial: 6.067.805.M41
Date Biegel Local: Day 57, 17th/20th

Darvus doesn't understand. He doesn't realise this one simple diagram - which he took to be so mundane - proves Ralei's point. He hides behind his 'perhaps' and his 'inconclusive', but I see the truth.

The Tau'va is no charming ideology, as the Tau would have it, it is a dark thing. And today, Darvus has discovered the means of its application.

The Ethereals have been controlling their subjects all along. Remove the Aun caste, and the Greater Good has no meaning. Without their chemical puppetry, their pheromone manipulation, the Tau Empire is reduced to an anarchic pack of disparate creatures, without cohesion.

That's their flaw. That's their weakness. Everything they believe is a lie. If we can open their eyes the possibilities are endless.